Detective Lew Archer

The Galton Case

The Galton Case is a classic detective story.

Detective Lew Archer is hired to find the long-missing son of the rich Galton family, who had disappeared twenty years ago with a girl and several thousand dollars of his family's fortune. Though the case seems hopeless, Archer begins digging. Soon a seemingly unrelated crime happens, but Archer knows there are no coincidences. So he uncovers a long-buried tale of deception, hatred, and the power of illusion.

Galton Case Movie

The Galton Case movie adapation is slated to appear in 2009 or 2010, starring Hugh Laurie ("Dr. House").

The Galton Case Book

The Galton Case, published in 1959, was Ross Macdonald's breakthrough book. Its predecessors are craftsmanlike, highly literate, hard-boiled detective stories; The Galton Case and most of its successors are literature that happens to inhabit the detective-story form. The Galton Case is the cornerstone of the psychological detective novel.

The Galton Case Book Cover